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About Michèle

Always creating.

Established in 2016, Michèle Martin Studio

is a Canadian-based design studio dedicated to fun, funky and fresh fabric design. We believe in exploring bold patterns and never shy away from the use of colour. The owner, Michèle Martin AKA “Firecracker”, has been playing with fabric since she was young and in a previous life (as in a few years ago, not as in a Shirley MacLaine way) she was an Interior Decorator for over 15 years and head of merchandising for 2 prominent U.S/Canadian manufacturers. Michèle Martin Studio also heads a secondary fabric line called Kiki&Lala Design Co.


When I start designing I sometimes have an idea of what I am going to do but more often than not I just start to doodle and play with colours.  I find inspiration in pretty much everything I encounter in my day to day life.  It could be as exciting as things I’ve seen on a trip or as simple as a colourful flower in a garden. Sometimes it’s just an idea that pops into my head while reading or playing Candy Crush! I always have a sketchbook and pencil on hand for those sudden bursts of creativity that come out of nowhere.


Come to think of it, I have probably been doodling since I was little when I would draw my own patterns to colour in.  It’s not always an easy process.  It can sometimes take many drawings and revisions for me to finally be happy with it.


I have dreamed about doing fabric design throughout my life and it is something I am so passionate about.  It is always exciting when I see my paper designs come to life and have others as excited about them as I am!


How to use my fabrics

From drapery to upholstery, tote bags to jackets, our fabrics have been used in a variety of different ways.  All of our designs can be printed on a wide range of different base cloths to meet your design requirements. 


Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss any particular requests you may have.

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